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We enrich life for generations

K+S Benelux guarantees essential raw materials of high quality and delivered 'just-in-time'!

About K+S Benelux

Your partner in the Benelux

K+S Benelux is a subsidiary of the K+S Group with headquarters in Kassel, Germany. The different mines of the K+S Group manufacture potassium and magnesium minerals and salt (sodium chloride) for agricultural, industrial and consumer applications. K+S Benelux is located in Diegem, near Brussels, and markets a large part of the Group’s products. It also contributes to winter safety with a wide range of de-icing products.

The K+S products are used as ingredients or additives for food and animal feed, pharma, water treatment, agriculture and horticulture, chemicals and various other industrial sectors. We also market many well-known brands such as Axal®, Regenit®, Cérébos, Dimix®, NutriKS®, etc.

For full loads, we deliver directly from our plants in Europe, by road or over water. For smaller orders, we work with a network of distributors. On request, we will provide you the contact details of a local contact.

About the K+S Group: diverse and international

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K+S Group

The roots of the K+S Group go back to the mid-19th century. At that time, miners in Germany mined the world's first potassium deposits and began producing fertilizers. Today, the K+S Group is an internationally oriented minerals company with production sites in Europe and North America. More than 11,000 employees around the world make K+S successful and dynamic.

What we stand for

We have defined our mission statement, values, and principles complementing our corporate strategy. These define our corporate activities and provide the framework for our operations.

The best of three worlds: rock salt, vacuum salt and sea salt

The range of K+S sodium chloride products includes rock, sea and vacuum salt in various grain sizes. 


A reliable partner for many industries

We produce, refine and supply natural minerals for numerous industrial applications. Our products and services keep your production running. And the best part: all from one source. We want to help you get the most out of your industrial processes. With 130 years of experience, we supply not only potassium, magnesium and salt products, but also effective solutions. This makes us a unique partner for industry. Would you like to know how we can improve your production with our minerals?

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Food processing

We add flavor to your food. Our products make food healthier and tastier. Of course, they meet the highest quality standards of the food industry. As an international company and global partner, K+S offers a wide range of potassium, magnesium and sodium products for various applications in the food industry.

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Animal nutrition

Animals cannot live without minerals. They ensure proper physical development and have a positive influence on performance and well-being. K+S feed minerals ensure that pets, livestock, wild animals and even aquacultures receive a balanced supply of nutrients.

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High-purity sodium and potassium salts for pharmaceutical applications

We supply the pharmaceutical and medical industries with essential minerals. For example, our high-purity salt is used in dialysis, infusion and electrolyte solutions (ORS).

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We keep your production running

Our products are used in a wide variety of industries. As a component of plastics, in the mineral oil and textile industries or in the production of glass - they are an indispensable part of industrial added value.

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We make water soft

Soft water is essential in many areas. From gastronomy to car washes to hospitals: Our products prevent limescale deposits and keep water softeners working smoothly. In addition, they provide particularly skin-friendly disinfection of swimming pools.


The best salt for home

Whether seasoning your meals, softening your water or maintaining your pool, our range of salt products, featuring top brands such as Cérébos and AXAL®, meets all household needs. Enhance your culinary experience with K+S salt, produced using advanced technology and in compliance with the strictest quality standards. Discover the essence of quality in every grain!

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Our portfolio of table salt

We offer not only vacuum salt, but also rock salt and sea salt of the best quality. K+S salt is produced and packed using state-of-the-art processes and in strict compliance with the highest quality, hygiene and safety standards. We contribute to safe, high-quality nutrition and make food tasty!

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The original for soft water

With AXAL® salt products for your household, your water softener works best. The result? Soft water and less scaling. Consumption of detergents and cleaning agents is lower and appliances last longer.

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De-icing salt for home

De-icing salt means safety. For efficient snow and ice removal, you need consistently high product quality and maximum delivery reliability.

Deicing salt

Staying on track with our deicing salts

With our road salt, we ensure clean and safe roads. This provides safety in front of your house or on the roads, locally and on highways. We rely on a particularly pure and effective mixture of fine and coarse salt crystals.

Effective solutions for any winter weather

While the fine crystals ensure an immediate thawing effect, the coarser ones guarantee the required long-term thawing effect on thicker layers of ice and snow.


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Natural plant nutrients

With our wide range of soil, fertigation and foliar fertilizers and associated advice, we help farmers worldwide achieve high yields and the best crop qualitie

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Our product range for fertilization

We extract plant nutrients from mining and refine them into soil, foliar and fertigation fertilizers. Because of their natural origin, many of our fertilizers are approved for use in organic farming.


Your contact for the customer segment Agriculture in the Benelux

Wim Pacolet
Sales Agent for K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
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